Thursday, 29 April 2010


I just came back from volunteering at Horses&Dreams. An equestrian event that takes place every year in Hagen aTW. The town is located just south of Osnabrueck, in the province of Niedersachsen in Germany. Each year a different country is chosen to be the guest of honour. 2010 was the turn of Mexico. It was chosen because the country is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its independence (well the beginning of the fight for it).

I spent most of my time manning the booth of the Mexican association that I volunteered for. I did manage; however, to see a bit of the competition. I had seen some on TV but being there was a completely different story. I gasped along with the public when a rider who was doing so well almost knocked down an obstacle. I felt sorry for the one who couldn't really control a "strong-willed" horse that refused to follow his orders.

I saw people singing and dancing to the mariachi tunes, German dressed up on Mexican attires. It was a very interested event and highly recommended if you like equestrian sports; otherwise, it might be out of your league.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Chai tea or just Chai????

My very good Indian friend rolled her eyes whenever someone asked for a "Chai tea." Chai means tea. Every time she overheard people asking for one she felt like telling them how wrong they were.

While the days are becoming warmer the evenings are still cool and sometimes chilly. If you fancy something different from coffee, Chai is an excellent alternative. Most of the menus -at least in Canada- would still say "Chai tea" but you know that it's wrong. The best can be found in the Indian restaurants, widely spread in Canada, the USA and England.

I swear it's delicious. My friend used to use it as an excuse to get me to do anything; including marching to the US Consulate in February 2003 to protest against the Iraq invasion. We were at -10C (or less), the ground was covered on snow and the cold wind was slapping our faces. Still, I went there with her, stood side by side with our fellow protesters, chanted with them and once it was over, ran to my friend's house to collect my prize. A delicious home-made Chai.

Monday, 29 March 2010

The Fireside II

The Fireside is probably one of the cosiest places in Halifax. The first time I went there was in the middle of a cold and damp winter. My friend had the good idea of grabbing a bite before going to the cinema and I indulged myself on a cheese and broccoli cream. It was pretty good and help me forget the minus 20C outside.

After a few more visits I became a regular at the restaurant. It's an excellent place to meet with co-workers after a busy day at the office; to go for drinks with your friends; to impress a date or to savoured some of the delicious dishes. My favourites are the portobello burger and the seafood crepes. It's also a nice place to be on your own. I have sat there during the busy Christmas holidays to write cards and didn't feel lonely at all.

I love this place and I'm so looking forward to going back during my next visit to Halifax!

Martini night at the Fireside (Halifax NS)

For those lucky enough to be in Halifax (NS, Canada) tonight don't miss the "Martini Monday" at the Fireside. Take a look at the menu here.

Through the years The Fireside has become a popular icon in the restaurant/bar scene in Halifax. You can easily spot fellow students, businessmen or politicians there. It's one of the places to spot people and to be spotted.

Have fun tonight!